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How do you go from 'DIY Lawsuit to Lawyered Up' in Two Weeks or Less?

Short answer: this is why we - women - are creating the Millennial Legal Justice Project. So, situations like this don't have to be published to blogs.


October 2014 I was assaulted outside the bathroom at New York Law School. Today, I'm the pro se plaintiff in the Southern District of New York, federal court.

For two years I've maintained the action on my own (even after the me too and Time's Up movements, I can't find adequate representation). However, I can't help but think, that if I look hard enough I will find counsel. After all, porn star Stormy Daniels not only found pro bono legal representation, she has also received a hefty sum in funds to cover her litigation expenses, using Crowd Justice.

Of course, I need to first be represented by counsel in order to submit a Crowd Justice legal donation page.

Where art thou--lawyers and law firms who would take on a lawsuit--against a law school and several lawyers?

The case is now in discovery.

As tempting as it is to continue to go it alone, the judge dismissed six relevant people from the case - Deborah Archer, Victoria Eastus, Oral Hope, Howard Meyers, Jeffery Becherer, and Erika Wood, which action is being appealed in the Second Circuit.

This would not have happened with practiced counsel. Legal precedent favors the plaintiff.

How do you go from DIY lawyering to lawyered up in two weeks or less?

Lawyering up whisperers and gurus are highly encouraged to drop by and say hello--and of course also share what you know.

I'm on the edge of my seat.

Feel free to share and pass this along.

Case caption: Bailey v. New York Law School et al. 16-cv-04283

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